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The Geelong Ear Wax Clinic provides a full range of options for professional wax removal including micro-suctioning, wax pick and water-based removal for private clients.  This allows us to use the  most appropriate method for your situation.

Our in-clinic ear wax removal is suitable for clients with impacted wax from using cotton buds, those who regularly use earplugs or hearing aids, and for people who are not allowed water syringing due to perforated eardrums or previous surgery.

  • Priced at $120 or $110 for pensioners

  • No GP or ENT referral required

  • Service available for children 10 years or over

Please Note: There is currently no Medicare rebate, and only some private health insurance rebates for this service.

For children under 10 we recommend wax softening drops for 3-5 days and then review by GP.  If microsuction is still required it is best done by an ENT.  If your major issue is earpain, please see your GP or pharmacist as audiologists are unable to prescribe medications.


Symptoms of ear wax build up

Loss of hearing

Hearing aid whistles when it normally wouldn’t

Dizziness or feeling blocked or unbalanced

Increased ringing in the ears

Many people will never have issues with ear wax accumulation as it should naturally be expelled from the ear canal.


How we do it

We understand that an initial session of wax removal can be nerve-racking, and we do all we can to make it comfortable. Our facilities include all current methods of wax removal with the world standard in binocular microscope.

Our clinicians have specialised ear knowledge and use a fully adjustable examination couch providing clear and safe access to the ear canals, to make your procedure efficient and effective.

We look down your ear canals using a head-mounted binocular microscope to assess the build-up and type of debris before deciding the best initial method for extraction.

Micro-suctioning of ear canals

This procedure involves the use of a micro-suction unit which makes a noise similar to a quiet vacuum cleaner as it removes debris from the ear canal. Brushing the canal walls can be slightly uncomfortable however it is a fast, safe and effective relief for blocked ears especially when it is affecting your hearing levels or causing a hearing aid to whistle.

This procedure is exceptionally safe, as we are not introducing any liquids into the ear and have clear vision of the procedure.

Other methods

We may also use wax picks, alligator forceps and curettes to remove debris when it is more efficient.

Before your appointment

For people with known hard or dry wax we suggest the use of wax softening drops for a few days prior to an appointment to allow the wax to detach from skin with less discomfort. We recommend wax drops such as Waxsol which can be purchase at our clinic or at your local chemist.


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